Mom Who Was Diagnosed With Cancer At 20 Weeks Into Her Pregnancy Said She'd Rather Have A Baby And Refused To Consider Ending The Pregnancy

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April 15, 2019 17:21 By Mambee

When a pregnant woman has been diagnosed with an illness that could threaten her life and possibly that of her unborn child, there's always talk about terminating the pregnancy.

One woman was faced with making the same choice when she was diagnosed with cancer while pregnant.

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Sarah Hull was 20 weeks pregnant when doctors gave her the news that she had an aggressive form of cancer, which was so bad that it was obstructing her airway.

According to a Facebook post, Hull said she was shocked when their oncologist first mentioned abortion. She explained that she and her partner had experienced infertility for years and were very excited to finally have a baby.

I knew I would rather die and give birth.

It soon became clear that it wasn't just her oncologist that was advocating for her to consider ending the pregnancy. They met with another doctor, who listed all the health dangers she could experience if she did not terminate. But Sarah was very determined.

She began to do some research and looked around for doctors who could give her a more hopeful perspective. Thankfully, she eventually found doctors that supported her determination to continue her pregnancy while treating her cancer.

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And this mom's efforts paid off because she welcomed her beautiful baby daughter at 34 weeks. Sarah explained that it had been 10 years since all this happened, and she was excited to celebrate not only a decade of being cancer-free but also about her precious 10-year-old daughter.

(She) is a living reminder that doctors do not know everything.

While speaking to The Western Journal‘s Liftable, Sarah said that she didn't believe it was always necessary for pregnant women with health problems to have to resort to abortion and she would like for women to always know their rights and stand their ground.

It's amazing that Sarah's complicated pregnancy had such a happy ending. And her story reminds us that, sometimes, even the darkest moment can turn around to be a beautiful blessing.

It is always tough to say goodbye to a loved one and this video shares a really touching story.

Let's remember to treasure the important people in our lives while they are still here.

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