How Disrespectful: Disturbing Moment Teenage Student Snatched The Wig Off His Teacher's Head Goes Viral

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May 15, 2019 14:53 By Mambee

Many teenagers enjoy pushing boundaries and, if you live or work around teens, you should basically expect the unexpected and, sometimes, things can go too far.

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A video of a teenage boy pulling the wig off his substitute teacher's head went viral on Twitter. According to reports, the video was recorded at LeFlore High School in Alabama in March 2019.

The clip began with the unidentified teacher telling the teen to return to his seat. The boy wasn't about to do that and, from the jeers that could be heard in the background, it sounded like the teacher was being made fun of by the class.

Eventually, the kid said something to the teacher, which made her turn around to return to her own desk. It was at this point that the student followed her and removed the wig from her head while her back was turned.

Clearly unapologetic about his behavior, he paraded proudly around the classroom as other students continued giggling at what they perceived to be a hilarious performance.

The teacher went to the boy, demanding that he returned the wig but his response was to wave it around some more while dodging her to keep her from getting to him.

In response to the post on social media, a couple of people found the whole thing funny, but some pointed out that this was a very disrespectful thing for the boy to do.

How to encourage teens to be more respectful

Any decent parent wouldn't be proud to see their teenage child doing what this boy did to his teacher. So, as a parent, you should keep in mind that raising a respectful kid is very important. How do you do that?

According to Denver Counseling Options, one way to build and promote the right morals is to lead by example. Children learn a lot by what they see you do. So, if you show respect to those around you, they are likely to imbibe the trait, too.

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Another thing to keep in mind is that you should openly communicate with your child. You should talk to them about valuing other people's feelings and give them an opportunity to talk to you too. Creating a warm and communicative environment is the key to making sure everyone feels heard and no one decides to act out by disrespecting others.

Do you believe the student in this scenario went too far in his actions? Or can one simply write this off as a harmless prank?

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