Boy Born With Life-Threatening Moles Covering Most Of His Body Continues To Thrive

October 2, 2018

Little Dylan has had to go through a lot due to a rare condition he has been battling since birth. 

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The boy was born with moles that covered about 80 percent of his body. It was so bad that his entire back was black and bleeding. The condition is known as Congenital Melanocytic Nevus.

Since he was a baby, he has had to undergo surgeries to have the moles removed, as doctors are worried that they could develop into fatal skin cancer.

By the time he was four years old, Dylan had had 26 surgeries to remove about half the moles in his neck, shoulders, and upper back.

Speaking to the UK Telegraph, Dylan's mom, Kara, revealed that some of the procedures require a process known as skin expanders, which are kind of like breast implants.

They are put inside the boy's body to create room for new skin to grow after the mole has been removed. 

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Kara and the doctors are hoping that the procedures work and that the moles do not return at a later date and become cancerous. The mom explained that her son has had a surgery every three to six months, depending on what part of the body is being worked on. 

If it’s on the lower back we wait six months while having another surgery to work on other parts.

Apart from the medical challenges of the condition, Kara also tries to ensure that Dylan lives a full and happy life. Strangers are usually so shocked by his appearance so she and Dylan made information cards to pass out to people so they could understand why he looked the way he did. 

It has not always been easy, so to speak, to overcome the challenges, though. The mother revealed that there was one time a store manager asked them to leave because Dylan's appearance was upsetting another customer.

Even though that was heartbreaking, Kara is determined not to hide her son away.

But we’re not going to hide, I’m not afraid to take him out at all and I don’t want him to be worried or think there is something he should be ashamed of.

Dylan sure is a tough and brave young man. We hope he continues to get better.

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