Sneaky Son Plays A 'Stainless Steel Bowl' Prank On Mother And The Video Has Now Gone Viral

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October 8, 2018 15:22 By Mambee

A young man decided to troll his mother by playing a prank using stainless steel bowls of different sizes.

In the video below, the man can be seen sitting with his phone while his mother cleaned the house. The woman came across what seemed to be a stainless bowl lying face down on the floor.

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She picked it up to put it away, only to realize there was another, and then another. Apparently, her prankster son had stacked bowls of different sizes from the smallest to the biggest just to tease his mother. 

The frustrated woman kept picking up each bowl until she got to a teeny tiny one and even what looked to be a shiny coin. Then she chased her son out of the room with her broom. The hilarious video had been viewed over 33 million times in a matter of days since it was posted on Facebook. 

The title of the video, Matryoshka doll bowl, is derived from the name of a type of doll. These are traditional Russian toys in which a large doll can hold up to a dozen smaller dolls. It is usually referred to as the 'never-ending' doll and can be quite entertaining. However, it can be pretty frustrating for people who are impatient as they have to open each smaller doll to get to the next, even smaller one.

Hilarious responses

Considering the fact that the video has now been shared over 811,000 times, it's pretty clear that people found it very entertaining. 

Some shared comments about what their own mother would have done in that situation. 

And others simply talked about how funny the whole thing was.

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We have to give it to the mom, though, she was very patient through it all. It's likely that she isn't new to pranks like this in her home. Wonder if she managed to catch up with her sneaky son?

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