Mom Shares Sweet Photo Of 5 Generations Of Beautiful Women

June 8, 2018 09:41

Having five generations of stunning women in one family is truly a blessing. And a Nigerian woman appreciaties every little bit of it. 

A woman named Miriam Davou Ako shared the photo below. The family photo features her adorable baby, her mother, her grandmother, and her great-grandmother. 

She went on to share a little bit of info about the people in the photo, too. While describing her family as "the total package", she said each woman has shown uncommon strength through their respective struggles.

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Mizdavou / Instagram

Her great-grandmother, for instance, never let age slow her down. She is very active and even "washes her clothes."

Her grandmother is kind and compassionate. She cares for everyone in the family and even called Miriam several times a day after she had her baby.

Mizdavou / Instagram

Miriam described her mother as "superhuman." She mentioned that the older woman was devastated after she lost her husband, but she has been able to find the strength to move on. 

Mizdavou / Instagram

Miriam herself has every reason to be grateful, she says. She revealed that she suffered a miscarriage in 2017, but  she's the happy mother of a 6-week-old baby now. She considers her little Zane "privileged and blessed to have all these women available for him."

Mizdavou / Instagram

Finally, even though he was not featured in the picture, Miriam had some amazing words to say about her supportive husband, "Mr. Blackwell."

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She shared that he was the one who urged her to take the 'generation' pic, even though she would have preferred to wait until she had lost some of the baby weight.

Mizdavou / Instagram

Clearly, this is a strong family unit, filled with love and appreciation. And commenters simply could not say enough wonderful things about their strength and beauty.

Mizdavou / Instagram

"Such a beautiful blessing!!!! God be praised," someone said, with another adding, "undoubtedly the most incredible picture I have ever seen!" Agreed!

Source: Mariam Davou Ako / Instagram

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