Enraged Mother Seeks Answers After Her 10-Year-Old Son Was Chastened For Calling His Teacher 'Ma'am'

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August 29, 2018 10:50 By Mambee

A mother could not believe it when her son came home to tell her he was punished because he referred to his teacher in a respectful manner.

"I was in disbelief"

Teretha Wilson is the mother of a fifth-grader named Tamarion. One day, the young boy returned home from school and Teretha noticed he looked a little down. After some prodding, Tamarion told his mother that he got in trouble at school for saying 'ma'am' to the teacher.

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Teretha, who first posted the story on a relative's Facebook page, said she was confused. In the post, the mom explained that the teacher, Mrs. Williams of North East Carolina Preparatory School, made the child write ma'am several times on a piece of paper and even asked him to bring it home for his mother to sign before submitting. 

In addition, Teretha said the teacher threatened to "throw something" at the boy. The mother told Fox News that her son was disappointed as he did not understand what he had done wrong. The next day, she went to school with him to see the principal.

Teretha also said that, upon meeting the teacher, she was told that Tamarion was "getting on her nerve when he called her ma’am", but “couldn’t give me a reason of why that was bad." As for the threat to throw something at the boy, the teacher told her Tamarion knew it was only a joke.

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The school reacts

In an official statement made available to ABC 11, the school described the issue as a "personnel matter," and assured that the incident would be handled appropriately by the principal.

Teretha said she would definitely follow-up on the matter and ensure that actions are taken. 

Social media outrage

Following the Facebook post where the mother detailed the incident, many people have expressed their anger and confusion over the matter.

The one question that's still left unanswered was why the teacher took such offense to being referred to as 'ma'am'.

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