Toddler Shows Sassy Moves Under "Boom Chicka Boom" Song And The Internet Can't Handle It

October 19, 2018 12:07

It’s hard not to dance to this song! “Boom Chicka Boom”, by The Learning Station, can turn anyone on, but the title of the sassiest dancer ever definitely goes to this toddler!

PlayKids / Facebook

Just look at this video and the way he is dancing! It’s common for every parent to make these little videos of children, which will forever hold some of their best childhood memories.

The mom, Elizabeth Burns, was lucky enough to catch when her son showing off his moves! From the first second, he draws our undivided ultimate attention. The video has gathered 21 million views and more than 50 thousand comments. 

The little one is wearing only a diaper and a paper cap. When the song comes on, he starts shaking his hips and imitating singing as if he is at the biggest stage of the world! To be honest, it’s amazing to watch little kids express their true selves with no shade of shyness.

We wish everyone could enjoy life just as much as this boy enjoys his funky dance! The groovy moves are adorable and, whenever you feel a bad mood coming on, just listen to “Boom Chicka Boom” and remember this charming kid dancing around in his diaper.

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