Breastfeeding In Public Through History: Viral Pictures Show How Natural And Accepted It Has Always Been

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September 7, 2018 15:55 By Mambee

Breastfeeding in public seems to be quite a controversial issue in modern times. While some people judge mothers who show a little breast skin to strangers, others passionately speak out for the normalcy of nursing in public.

But this post by Rene Johnson, which has now gone viral, proves how acceptable and natural it has always been.

The controversy of this matter has been widely discussed globally. Even though many countries protect nursing in public by law, the mothers often face discrimination, negativity, and severe judgment.

On the one hand, exposing a breast in public is considered sexual by some. On various websites, the images of breastfeeding moms are blocked for violation of pornographic rules.

Still, women all over the world find it outrageous that this natural and healthy process is associated with sexuality.

Cover yourself,” you may hear from some people who find it hard to accept it.

It’s a woman's personal choice whether to cover herself while nursing the infant. However, there are more cons than pros in hiding beneath the blanket.

A baby does not feel comfortable with a cloth on his face and that may discourage him from sucking on breast milk. It may be stuffy and hot under the cover as well, especially if you are nursing outside on a sunny summer day.

Anyway, if a child is more than 6 months old, they will fiercely try to take that thing off because it just interferes with his eating. The whole feeding process would turn into a fight.

Breastfeeding in public with a cover can provide you a private moment even in a crowded place. However, when it comes to a question whether to nurse babies or not, the answer is quite clear. Breast milk is the most beneficial food for your precious ones.

Not only does breastfeeding strengthen a child’s health, but it also gives them a feeling of safety and precious bonding time with their mom!

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