What Are The Odds? One In Million Identical Twins Born With Down Syndrome Won A Modeling Contract

September 11, 2018 10:50

These adorable twins are one in a million! Hannah and Rachel are the identical twins with Down Syndrome. The chance of having twins with this condition I so rare that it happens once in a million births.

Now, due to their inborn charm, the toddlers have signed the modeling contract with Zebedee Management, a company that is working with disabled children.

However, twins’ mother Nardy Mejias, 37, from Basingstoke, Hampshire does not consider her girls disabled.

She claims, they are a true blessing for the family and they plan a normal life for them, full of opportunities, and achievements.

It's OK to be different, we all have something to bring to the world we just need love, care and the same opportunities afforded to everyone else.

The family had no idea about their daughter’s condition, as Mejias’ pregnancy was totally normal. The screens did not show reveal any problems, and the babies’ health was totally fine, which is unusual for Down Syndrome.

At the age of three weeks old, the disturbing diagnoses came as a thunderbolt. In the beginning, it was hard to handle with the news, but parents could accept the disease and embrace it, enjoying raising girls to the max.

We enjoy how they bond together, and celebrate when they reach a milestone at their own pace. They are lovely - they are not defined by the condition.

The family has three more children, who welcomed the twins with the open hearts. Matthew (6), Rebecca (5), and Sarah (3) are helping the girls with anything they can.

Hannah and Rachel have hearing aids and learn sign language to communicate better.

Their face challenges in intellectual and physical development all the time, but they thrive, feeding off the family love!

They are learning everyday activities through their senses tasting, touching, seeing, hearing and smelling and they pick it up quickly.

Nardy Mejias and her husband Enzo Lattanzio plan a regular school for the twins. They believe, there is nothing they can’t achieve.

The proud mother adds: “They won't be defined by Down's Syndrome but as girls with great capabilities, self-worth feeling good about themselves.”

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