A Hungry Baby Photobombed His Parents' Wedding Photos

September 26, 2018 17:24

When Tayler and Seth Way looked over the photos from their wedding, they had quite a surprise.

In recollecting the memories from their special day, the couple came across one photo that seriously surprised them.

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It was their son, Wesson, who stole their thunder.

While his parents tried to pose for a sweet family photo, Wesson fitted in perfectly!

As the camera clicked, he was attempting to breastfeed. As a result, this hilarious snap was made!

When they saw the picture for the first time, Tayler and Seth weren't surprised, by the way. Leaning toward his mother's breast is just something that reflects the little boy's personality perfectly!

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During an the interview to Insider, Tayler admitted that Wesson is 'the definition of a wild child'. The boy is constantly moving and it seems that he hardly ever runs out of energy.

Wesson always does things he shouldn't do because he loves attention, like any other other kiddo. The reason for Wesson's sly snack attack is that the boy is always hungry, which is why his parents weren't surprised by the picture at all.

Though Tayler has never felt uncomfortable breastfeeding, a few people voiced their concerns over their wedding shot.

Taylor believes this is a great opportunity for photos like one from their wedding help fight stigmas that surround public breastfeeding.

The happy parents are going probably to publish more pictures of their 13-month-old boy as he gets older! We can't wait to see more of them!

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