Dwayne Johnson Had An Adorable Conversation With His 3-Month-Old Daughter And Fans Are Melting Over The Baby's Response

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March 15, 2019 18:13 By Mambee

These days, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is all about family. And he's giving us more and more reasons to fall in love with him and his beautiful daughters.

Praise for the mother of his kids

A few weeks after the birth of Dwayne and girlfriend Lauren Hashian's baby girl, Tiana Gia, the actor shared a lovely photo of the mom, the newborn and his older daughter Jasmine. 

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In the caption of the picture, he praised Lauren's efforts as a mother and talked about the "constant respect and grateful awe" he always feels as he watched Lauren accomplish all the mom-related tasks every single day. 

Despite all the work that goes into raising such little ones including her dedication to her own career as a songwriter and producer, Lauren's smile never fades, her boyfriend said. He described her as kind with "the sweetest soul" and he said he's pretty honored to be her man.

Conversation with baby Tiana

In this video below shared by Lauren, she and Dwayne were having a sweet conversation with their baby girl. It sure seemed like Tiana was responding as her parents talked to her.

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The little one would intermittently flash bright smiles and make all sort of charming sounds that will totally melt even the coldest hearts.

Fans who saw the post were absolutely enamored by the baby. @dukaratiamaria said, "Aww so cute! Love the way you both talking to her," while Kimmy 7276 went, "Awe, So adorable! I totally miss this age!"

He loves talking to this cutie

This isn't the only video where we see The Rock talk to little baby Tiana. He also shared a similar Instagram post. But in this one, he was carrying Tiana in his arm and fishing for daddy compliments apparently. 

Again Tiana had the most adoring look on her face as she looked up at her dada. These moments are so precious and we look forward to many more of them,

Tiana is going to be daddy's little girl for sure.

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