Simple Yet Tricky: Can You Guess Correctly How Many Holes Are There In This Dress?

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April 16, 2019 17:07 By Mambee

We have come to another edition of exercising our brains, and this time we have an exciting task for you.

There is a red dress with holes in the image below. The question is: How many holes does this dress have?

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While it’s easy for you to come up with an answer at first glance, we advise you to take some time to pay attention to details. It’s not difficult, just tricky.

Engaging in brain teasers is a fun activity. However, many people do not know that brainteasers offer much more than just fun.

Research has proven that regularly engaging in activities like puzzle-solving stimulates the brain, and these are associated with lower levels of proteins linked to Alzheimer’s disease. Also, it has been known to improve the mood due to the release of dopamine.

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Now, that you know the benefits of brain teasers, were you able to put your brain to use and solve that question?

Was it 1, 2 or 5? Alright, we’ll help you out this time.

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There are eight holes in the dress! Surprising right? Let’s put you through!

First, there are two holes in the front of the dress, then another two holes in the arms. The places where your arms pass through. That makes four!

Also, you have another two, one for the head and the other for the waist, making a total of 6 holes. So, where do the remaining two come from?

It’s important to note that a dress has two sides and since you can see through the dress, it means there are another two holes at the back. Voila! It wasn’t so difficult, right?

However, if you didn’t get the right answer, don’t beat yourself up. Here are some tips to help answer brain teasers better.

1. Make sure you relax when you want to solve one. Getting all flustered will only complicate things.

2. Since some job interviews give brain teasers as a form, it is advised you take in a pen and paper into the interview. Jotting ideas down can help you with your thought pattern and response.

3. Make sure you answer. Any answer is better than none.

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4. Always explain how you arrived at the answer.

Solving brain teasers is a great way to bond with our loved ones. Make sure you share this with your friends and family.

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