Creative Father Gets The World In The Mood For St. Patrick’s Day With An Adorable Photo Of His Son Dressed As A Leprechaun

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March 15, 2019 12:21 By Mambee

St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish national holiday held on March 17, the date of Saint Patrick’s death. Saint Patrick is a foremost patron saint of Ireland.

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Contrary to popular opinion that the color of St. Patrick’s Day is green, the holiday was originally associated with the color blue instead. Shamrocks are Ireland's national flower and it represents the traditional celebration. It is believed that each leaf of the clover signifies hope, faith, love, and luck.

Since its first celebration in the United States in 1737, many have become great fans of the St. Patty’s day, some more than others. This father is a huge fan and wouldn’t mind making his son one too.

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Father takes St. Patty’s Day to another level

When it was time for the Irish holiday in 2016, a father of five, Alan Lawrence, was determined to get everyone into the holiday spirit.

So, he employed the use of his photoshop expertise, some fantastic costumes, and his adorable 6-month-old son Rockwell's help.

In a photo series that celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, little Rockwell was seen dressed as a leprechaun and doing the most adorable things.

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Rockwell had a swell time playing the role of the mischevious creature thanks to his mom, who found his costumes, and his dad, who edited the photos. While speaking to TODAY, Alan revealed that his wife made the green suit that Rockwell wore.

Although it was difficult for them to find an orange beard for a baby, they settled for a fluffy fabric that fitted perfectly with Rockwell’s intended look. In the several photos shared on social media, Rockwell was striking different intriguing poses.

There was an image of him painting his house green, and another of him burying his ‘pot of gold.’ Among all the hilarious photos, Alan revealed that his favorite was that of his son dyeing the family dog with green spray paint.

He explained that the images seemed real because he held his son while he was performing those activities and then meticulously edited himself from the frames.

Over the years, Alan has continued to chronicle his family on social media every special holiday.

Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day better

With St. Patrick’s coming in a few days, it is necessary to make the right preparations towards having an amazing time. If you plan on spending the holiday in Ireland, here are some helpful tips:

1. Book all your tickets in advance;

2. Don’t forget to bring all your green outfits with you;

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3. Be prepared!

Hopefully, this article ignites the St. Patrick’s spirit in you and inspires you to make the holiday worth it.

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