Mother Is Shocked After Finding Out That Her Son Used Electric Razor To Shave His And His Sister's Heads

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April 17, 2019 12:07 By Mambee

Kids are wonderful creatures! However, all the joy they bring comes with a buttload of trouble. That is why it is necessary for parents to be careful about keeping sharp objects such as electric razors away from the reach of children.

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Electric shavers are convenient and practical. They can be easily used by anybody. Although electric razors hardly result in a nick or cut, they can nonetheless result in an injury if pressed too hard.

Luckily, for this American mother, bad haircuts were the only consequence when her son laid his hands on her shaver.

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According to The Sun, Stephie Leigh was horrified when she got home and realized that her son, Teddy, had used her shaver on his head and his sister’s.

The troublesome young lad shaved his hair from the front, leaving a massive patch. For his sister, he started from the back and haphazardly cut her locks.

Their baby brother was not left out of the shaving party, as he was given a ‘Freddy the chop’ look.

The shocked mother took to her Instagram to show the world what her son had done. When she asked her daughter if she liked her new haircut, the sad little girl responded 'no'. However, Teddy was quick to state that his sister enjoyed the process.

“She said she liked me doing that a lot and I did it as we wanted to show you.”

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Luckily, Stephie handled the situation with so much grace as she reassured her kids that they looked beautiful regardless of their unusual haircuts. She especially calmed her daughter who complained that she looked like a boy.

Stephie’s brother shared the video on his Twitter, and the clip has been viewed over 7 million times. Many Twitter users couldn’t stop laughing at their weird haircuts.

Rules for electric safety when kids are involved

While Stephie’s plight is indeed hilarious, it could have gone worse if another electrical appliance was involved. Here are tips for electrical safety in the home.

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1. Ensure that all electric cords are tucked out of the kids' sight;

2. Supervise kids when they are playing to ensure they done play close to transformer boxes or electrical substations;

3. Ensure electrical appliances are kept far away from water;

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4. Never leave your kids unsupervised around electrical appliances.

Kids can be a whole lot. It is up to parents to ensure that we keep them safe at all costs despite their curious nature.

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