Woman Buys Heart-Shaped Christmas Ornament Only To Discover There Is Something Strange Hidden Inside

December 17, 2018

It usually comes as no surprise when people with a liking buying antiques and second-hand products announce that they found an extra item in the piece purchased.

However, for one Massachusetts woman named Priscilla Bailey, not only did the item she purchased at a thrift store have something extra in it, but it also meant more than what she initially thought it did.

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With the festive season comes the urge to buy beautiful decorative items. So, when Priscilla who had traveled to Savers in Plymouth, encountered this heart shaped ornament, she was enchanted.

The woman was specifically enamored of the trinket’s light-catching appearance. She described the heart-shaped object as utterly 'beautiful angels or Vikings' and paid the sum of $2.99 to make it hers.

At home, Priscilla placed the ornament at her kitchen window where it could catch the light. And, for many many weeks, the ornament remained there, merely as a decoration.

Eventually, the woman noticed a movement in the heart-shaped object which pushed her to give it a closer look with her flashlight.

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Behold, her curiosity led her to a shocking discovery! It happens that the trinket had some powdery substance inside, which she believes to be the ashes of someone who must have been cremated.

And, now, Priscilla is helping to keep the urn safe. She reportedly has not opened it because she doesn't want to spill the content.

However, she and her daughter are making efforts to get the urn back to its original owner.

They contacted the manager at Savers to discover from whom they had purchased the ornament and were referred to the company's headquarters.

Priscilla currently awaits their response. While she is hopeful that the rightful owner will see this story, she still has the urn hung at her kitchen window.

It goes without saying that something as intimate as an urn must be valuable to the people who own it. Although it hasn't been confirmed that the ornament truly contains ashes, it is only fair to try and contact the original owners. And, like Priscilla, we hope such a prized ornament gets back to its keeper.

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