The Odd-Defying Triplets: One-In-Two Million Rare Identical Triplets Finally Go Home After 10 Weeks In The Hospital

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April 17, 2019 15:06 By Mambee

Who doesn't love babies? No one can resist their absolutely adorable faces and sweet souls. More lovely are twins and triplets; that just multiplies the fun!

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Here are some fun facts about twins and triplets. According to a medical mathematical rule called the Hellin’s law:

1. One in 90 births is twins

2. One in 8,100 births is triplets

Identical twins occur when a single sperm fertilizes one single egg, which then splits into two. For identical triplets or quadruplets, the fertilized egg splits into three and four, respectively.

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Parents welcome rare triplets  

Stephanie and Brad Harris could finally take their rare identical triplets home. The trio was born in Houston hospital.

The little triplet girls - named Addison, Savannah, and Kinsley - have amazed their parents, as not only do they look alike, but they also act alike.

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Their mom, Stephanie, said:

”Just triple of everything. They sit there. They make the same noises. They do the same thing. They have their own language."

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The doctor had initially told them to expect twins, however,  it wasn't until later the doctors revealed that they were having triplets instead.

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The girls were born on December 1, 2015, ten weeks premature. Their parents came up with a color coordinating system to differentiate the girls.

”We got ankle bracelets, and we're going to color coordinate them hopefully, we don't get them mixed up."

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Congratulations to the parents!

How to deal with multiple births

If you're expecting twins or triplets, here are a few tips on how you can make it work, no matter how scary it might sound, you got this!

1. Celebrate their differences and dress them differently;

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2. When it's time for school, place them in different classes;

3. Be ready for the comments and politely reply.

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More children mean more fun! Make sure you enjoy taking care of your triplets and loving their cuteness.

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