Bride Sends Veteran Away From Her Wedding Because He Showed Up In His Military Uniform And Stole The Spotlight

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May 13, 2019 17:48 By Mambee

It’s no news that a wedding day is solely for the bride. Hence, several rules have been put in place to make that happen.

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It’s why no one is allowed to wear white at some weddings or share news that takes the attention off the couple. However, it seems one particular guest wasn’t aware of these rules when his military uniform took center stage at a wedding.

How the bride reacted to the situation is what has got the internet talking.

In an anonymous Reddit post, an angry bride shared with the world why she sent a wedding guest from her ceremony.

She explained that the son of one of her husband’s family members showed up to their wedding in his Marines uniform, all adorned with his medals.

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Although she has nothing against people in service, she felt insulted that he chose to wear his regal uniform when her nuptials was strictly a black-tie event.

The point of the black-tie dress code was to make sure none of the 300 guests present stood out! During the ceremony, many people began turning their attention to the officer.

Some excited teenage girls wanted to take photos with him while others kept praising him for his service. This wasn’t the kind of wedding she looked forward to. Angered by the occurrence, she kicked him out!

She wonders if it was inappropriate to do so despite his lack of concern for the dress code.

Many Redditors seemed to agree that the guest did a horrible thing by showing up in his uniform.

A former sergeant explained that, although no law prohibits military personnel from wearing their uniforms to occasions, it is appalling to wear yours to a wedding.  However, he felt the bride could have handled it better, as one outfit wasn’t worth spoiling her day.

Below are some other comments.





What is your opinion? Do you think the bride overreacted? Or did the veteran truly deserve what he got?

To avoid occurrences like this, it is advised that people are sensitive to the outfit they wear to weddings.

Try to be more conservative. However, a bride should understand that nothing should be worth spoiling the joy of their special day!

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