Mother Worries That One Of Her Daughter Is More Attractive Than The Other, And It Might Begin To Cause Problems

May 15, 2019

Parenting is one of the most challenging things in a person's life, but the burden becomes more cumbersome when your child is an attractive girl.

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In a world where people are obsessed with looks over any other attribute, it can be difficult to decide if you should use it to a girl's advantage or try to hide it.

No parents want their daughter growing up superficial, yet, not loving her looks can hurt her self-esteem. It is advised that parents educate their daughters and teach them that their looks don't define them.

However, what do you do when one of your girls is more attractive than the other?

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A mother's dilemma

An anonymous mother has taken to the internet to share her worries about her two young daughters. The distraught mum explained on Mumsnet that her youngest daughter, 20-months-old, is beautiful, and friends and family never fail to tell her that, even if it negatively affects the oldest girl, who is two-years-old.

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She revealed that, although she believes her two daughters are 'fabulous' in every way, outsiders seem more concerned about the youngest's looks, and she is worried that it may have a negative impact on the other.

"Last week her little sister was pretending to talk to her Nana on an imaginary phone, I thought it was adorable and did say, 'oh you're so cute,' and older daughter came running out of the living room to exclaim, 'I'm cute too!'"

The mother-of-two is afraid that her youngest might realize the bitter truth that the world ranks girls on their physical appearance rather than other attributes. She then asked for advice on what to do to resolve the situation.

Many internet users were interested in the topic and gave their fair share of advice.

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One wrote:

"A good start is a cheerful 'thank you. I am blessed with two beautiful natured, loving daughters'"

Another said:

"I'm the eldest of three girls. I'm very plain, and they are both beautiful. I think I always knew and just came to accept it. I don't think there's any hiding it from the child. Unfortunately, people are thoughtless as well. I'm afraid that's just the way the world is."

Ways to encourage a healthy body image in your kids

Body image is a part of a child's self-image, and it is advised that parents do all they can to build a healthy one for their kids. They can do this by:

1. Teaching them about their body;

2. Saying nice things about their body;

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3. Showing them you're proud of who they are and of what they can do much more than their looks.

We don't have to put physical appearance on a pedestal just because society does. We can change the status quo, starting with our kids!

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