This Shouldn't Be! Parents Malnourished Their Baby So Badly After Placing Her On A Vegan Diet That She Couldn't Sit Up

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May 17, 2019 13:24 By Mambee

Child abuse is a grave offense. It is defined as any intentional harm or mistreatment of a child under 18 years old.

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There are various types of abuse:

  • Physical;
  • Sexual;
  • Emotional;
  • Medical;
  • Neglect.

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A child who is going through abuse will be withdrawn and show signs of depression.

Such a tragedy!

A mother and father have been taken to court for abandoning their child's basic needs.

At 19-months old, a baby was admitted to the Sydney Children's Hospital weighing 4.9 kilograms, half the size she should have been. Now two years old, she is still nowhere close to how much she is supposed to weight.

The poor baby was placed on a Vegan diet, which had left her severely malnourished.

Her father turned on the mother, who was the vegan in the family, saying she made all the decisions concerning the baby, but the judge has refused his plea.

The mother claimed to be going through postnatal depression, and this plea was also denied. Both parents are expected to be sentenced in June.  

Their story was posted online and had thousands of people condemned both parents for not doing proper research if they wanted to raise a vegan baby.

What food should my baby eat?

You should check with your pediatrician first to know if your baby is ready. Once you have the go ahead, begin by offering few spoons per day and move from there.

  • At 6 months, offer cereal or mashed bananas;
  • At 9 months, sliced and chopped fruits;

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  • At 12 months, small pieces of fruit.  

Your babies depend on you for proper feeding to live a healthy life, do not let them down! Their health and well-being should be a priority!

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