Parents Are Outraged And Demand Justice After They Found Out That Their Daughter's Hair Was Ripped From Her Scalp At The Daycare

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March 11, 2019 11:17 By Mambee

One of the least expected places for child abuse to occur is at the daycare because parents have put their trust in the hands of what they believed are trained professionals.

However, it is just heartbreaking that despite being advertised as a home away from home, some daycare centers still abuse or maltreat children.

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Abuse can come in various forms and could be either physical, emotional, sexual, or could even be the failure at taking care of the child, neglect.

In most cases, the affected child is intimidated or tricked into keeping the abuse meted upon them a secret.

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This is why parents should be very close to their children and communicate with them often. This will give the child the confidence to confide in their parents, or at least someone on their side.

The girl whose hair was ripped out at daycare

The parents of 3-year-old Ariana are on the path to find answers and justice after they saw their daughter's hair had been ripped from her scalp at the daycare.

Her mother, Robin Reddick, said she dropped her daughter off at her daycare and a few hours later, she got a call saying something had happened to her daughter, but it was not urgent.

On getting to the daycare to pick up Ariana, she saw that an entire braid had been torn off her baby's head.

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According to Ariana's teacher and the daycare, they only noticed the hanging hair at the end of naptime that day. The couple took their daughter to the doctor, who confirmed that the hair had been forcefully ripped off.

Upon hearing this, Ariana's parents were angry and demanded answers. They filed a report with the police and state licensing.

Although there were no injuries, the parents are wondering how this sort of thing could have happened under the watchful care of a daycare.

Robin said:

“I just want justice for my daughter. And I just want to know what happened. What happened to her at daycare that day.”

How to prevent child abuse in daycares

Never put your child in a daycare that does not have an open-door policy and requires you to call ahead before you can see your child.

Always talk to your child and listen, especially if they are talking about something that happened to them.

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If your child should confide in you about abuse, always take the child seriously and do not shut them down.

 And finally, follow your parental instincts, as in most cases, they are always correct.

Child abuse should be discouraged in our society and reported cases should not go unpunished. They must serve as a deterrent to others. However, parents need to be cautious about choosing a daycare for their kids.

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