Singer Pink Performed An Emotional Duo With Her Veteran Father, And He Was The One Who Wrote The Song

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March 11, 2019 12:57 By Mambee

The bond between a father and his daughter is special in most cases, and even celebrities like Pink are no exception. The iconic singer showed off that special bond as they performed a duet together in New York City.

However, the song which Pink performed with her father, James T. Moore, was not just any song, it was a song with a story.

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According to Pink, her father wrote the song about 40 years ago while he was still serving in Vietnam. It was the first song Pink ever learned as her father taught it to her when she followed him to veteran centers as a child.

Pink revealed that the song 'I Have Seen The Rain' is what set the tone for her singing career as it was the first song she ever performed.

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Pink's heartwarming performance with her father

While on stage at the Flash Mob live in NYC,  Pink did something incredible for her father and people loved her for it.

She called out her veteran father, James T. Moore, to perform the song he wrote about two decades ago with her on stage.

The song, 'I Have Seen The Rain', is a tribute to all veterans and active soldiers, and Pink wanted to perform it as a tribute to her father.

The father and daughter duo then performed for the first time together, and it was heartwarming. James Moore armed himself with a guitar and played while he and his daughter sang, making it evident that Pink's beautiful voice was inherited from him.

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Pink and her father expressed so many emotions while on stage that the audience was spellbound.

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Pink confirmed the strong bond she shares with her father by saying he was her most special person in the world.

People absolutely loved the performance

In response to Pink and her father's duet, a lot of people took to social media to share their admiration for the singing duo.

One Facebook user, Zach Conley, summarised a lot of people's feelings:


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Well, the father-daughter performance does leave viewers speechless. It was wonderful seeing Pink and her father share that part of their lives with us. What an awesome father-daughter pair!

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