Sister-Sister! Latest Study Reveals That Having A Sister Enhances Your Mental Health

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March 11, 2019 17:35 By Mambee

A sibling bond is usually one of the most unbreakable connections. Having a shoulder to cry on, sharing smiles, and mischiefs together create an almost-magical relationship.

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Although their teenage years aren't usually the best times for siblings because they are still maturing, as they get older, most end up creating a tangible connection with each other.

However, it has been revealed that the most beneficial sibling bond is that of sisters.

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Psychologist Robert Williams explained that girls make good role models for their younger sisters and end up becoming closer than brothers would.

Having someone as a guide in life is soothing to the mind, which makes this study easy to relate to.

Sisters improve mental health

A family study led by Brigham Young University professor Laura Padilla-Walker revealed that sisters are advantageous to their siblings’ mental health.

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It doesn't matter if you are a brother or sister. Either way, you will enjoy the mental health benefits of having a sister.

The study, Flourishing Families Project, which will appear in the August issue of the Journal of Family Psychology, comprised of 395 families.

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Each family had more than one child, with their age ranging between 10-14 years, for the successful operation of the analysis.

The inquiry brought to light that having a younger or elder sister safeguards siblings from feeling guilty, companionless, unloved and from experiencing anxiety.

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Furthermore, Padilla-Walker saw a hopeful prospect that assures parents about children that quarrel a lot.

The fights help children to get accustomed to settling disputes, which is a lifehack that will go a long way to their advantage in the future. Padilla-Walker advised parents to be more focused on the absence of affection than on increased altercation.

How to get closer to your siblings

It is natural to crave a close relationship with your siblings. Here are some tips on how to achieve the kind of relationship that you seek:

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  • Be honest with your siblings;
  • Watch your manners;
  • Be amicable with your sibling's spouse;
  • 4. Abstain from arguments with sensitive topics;

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  • Always cherish what you share with your siblings;
  • Be forgiving.

Hopefully, this study may encourage siblings to appreciate their sisters. Be kind to your sisters as they play an integral part in your mental health!

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