Child-Free Woman Has The Best Response When Her Judgy Sister-In-Law Wants Her To Leave All Her Money To Her Own Children

May 13, 2019

When a woman makes the unconventional decision to not have kids, it's no surprise that some people might judge her. And for the woman in this situation, a family member did not merely criticize her choices but also went as far as making an odd request.

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A Reddit user shared a post regarding the attitude of her step-sister-in-law toward her choices about not having children. According to the poster, her in-law couldn't understand why anyone would choose not to have kids. Initially, she would always make rude comments about the poster, implying the child-free woman would never know true happiness because she wouldn't become a mother.

Suddenly, all the step-sister-in-law's disapproval went away. Out of nowhere, she became supportive of the poster and said she approved of her life choices.

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A few days later, the poster received a call that shocked her completely. The in-law had called her and initially started asking some questions about her finances. After being prodded to get to the point, the in-law then mentioned that since the poster didn't plan to have kids, then she should consider leaving all her money to her own children.

According to the woman, her sister-in-law apparently said:

As you know your brother and I are planning to have at least 4 kids (they already have 1). So when they're born you can leave equal portions of your estate to all of them... So I thought instead of your life savings going to waste they can just go to your family.

The poster then got creative with her answer and put the sister-in-law in her place;

Do you plan to make it look like a suicide or an accident? Since you've planned all of this, you must have made some plans to off me right? Go on tell me what it is. Is it something super creative and unusual?

Her response immediately made her in-law feel awkward and foolish for asking such a question. She said she was only trying to spare the woman from worrying about what would happen to her finances after she's gone.

People who read the post found the whole thing completely ridiculous and it's easy to see why. One has to wonder how entitled a person has to be to make such a request of someone else's money. The poster mentioned that her step-brother did later call to apologize on his wife's behalf.


What would be your own response if you get such a weird call? Would you hang up immediately, give a funny reply like the poster, or proceed to explain to the caller why such a request is ridiculous?

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