These Amphoras Are Lovely, But One Doesn't Belong In The Bunch. Can You Find The Odd One In Two Minutes?

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April 12, 2019 15:42 By Mambee

Your eyes work very hard. They help you see things, near or far. And they also make it possible for you to have fun trying out great puzzles.

But how sharp are those eyes? Or better yet: How strong is your ability to focus? Apart from having a good eye, having a keen sense of observation is also important. Therefore, this isn't just about seeing stuff quickly but about how fast it takes your brain to interpret what it sees and react upon it.

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Being observant is a skill that comes in very handy for everyone. You can notice stuff faster than most people and if there's sudden danger, you're more likely to react quickly. 

All this is to say that there's nothing wrong with trying puzzles that can help you determine how observant you are and also help strengthen that side of you. Because the more you practice puzzles like this, the likelier it is that you'd develop what it takes to notice things before they become obvious.

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Now let's get to the puzzle of the day. In the image below, we have a bunch of amphoras, or amphorae. They are all lovely and would make for a nice decoration in your home, wouldn't they?

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Anyway, all you're required to do is to figure out which one is different from the rest. They may all look the same but there's certainly an odd one in there and the goal is to find it.

To make the game more fun, we suggest you time yourself. Knowing you have a limit of a minute or two will push your eyes to work better and your brain to move faster. So, let's see if you can actually tell us which is the odd one within two minutes.

Did you get it?

Don't worry if you didn't. You can keep trying until you get it, but if you're about to go crazy with confusion, then don't fret. Here's the answer below.

And if you did find it within the timeframe, well done! Those are some sharp eyes you've got.

Hope you had a great time with this puzzle. If you did, then please share so you give others something to enjoy, too.

Now, to keep that light-hearted mood going, be sure to watch this video.

Will you be trying this DIY?

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