Can You Turn All These Numbers Into An Equation That Will Give You '36' As An Answer?

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April 16, 2019 16:48 By Mambee

There are several types of puzzles out there. Some ask you to fill in blanks and others may want you to spot the difference. All of them have one important purpose: They challenge you to exercise your brain and do some serious thinking.

Math puzzles are some of the hardest kinds. In many cases, they don't require you to be a math genius, but they do push you to develop your analytical skills.

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Take this one for instance. You're somehow expected to make sense of all the given numbers and then arrange them in an equation that will give you 36 as the answer.

At first, this can seem like a daunting task. There are no symbols provided and no clear rules to follow. In fact, the beauty of this is that you can make your own rules as you go. So, can you give it a try?

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The nature of this puzzle has made it such that it's possible for you to come up with a bunch of different formulas as long as you use all the numbers here and correctly arrive at 36.

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The goal is not to get that one perfect equation but to push your mind into manipulating these numbers correctly. Were you able to do that?

If you weren't able to carve a path with these numbers to the answer, 36, then don't worry. At least you gave it a shot. Here's our answer.

So, our logic was this: 7 times 5 equals 35. If you add 3 and 0 to that, you get 38. Now we subtracted the last number, which is 2, from 38 and we arrived at 36.

Simple, right? Did you use a different formula to get your answer? Please share in the comments, we'd definitely love to see it. Also, don't forget to share this post with your friends and compare your own logic with theirs.

Speaking of using our creativity to get stuff done, check out this cool art.

Will you give it a try?

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