Mom Who Breastfeeds Her 5-Year-Old Daughter Claims It Makes The Child Smarter And Healthier, But The Internet Disagrees

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April 11, 2019 13:57 By Mambee

Many people would agree that breastfeeding a child in those first few months is very beneficial. But what happens if you extend this time and choose to breastfeed past the age of one, two or, in this case, five?

Miira Dawson once revealed that she was only too happy to nurse her five-year-old daughter and she would happily breastfeed her until age 10 if she could.

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Dawson believes that long-term breastfeeding led to better health and higher IQ for her daughter, Tara. Her two-year-old son, Ray Lee, has not been left out, as the mom nursed both kids three times daily.

She told The Tab:

Extended breastfeeding was not part of the long term plan, it has just sort of happened this way.

Dawson said she believed it was a good thing for kids to grow up and remember being breastfed, as not many adults are able to. She said that while others might disagree with her decision, she chose to stand by her choice.

The mom said she was often asked when she planned on stopping but she didn't feel pressured to. She mentioned that she wouldn't want to make the decision about when the girl should stop nursing. It was up to Tara.

She will stop when she wants to, whether she be six, seven or even ten.

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Dawson, who also shared a bed with her children, said that she was happy to always be there for them. They didn't have to cry themselves to sleep on their own or be afraid in the middle of the night.

While her husband, Jim, admitted to feeling left out because he slept in a different room, he said he noticed how smart and healthy his children were and he chose to be supportive of his wife's decision.

The internet wasn't as supportive though, and some people gave their reasons as to why Dawson's choice to breastfeed long-term might not be a good idea.

At the end of the day, this mom believed she was doing what was best for her children. And, as long as she isn't harming them, no one can really fault her for her choices.

A mother-child bond is really beautiful and this video exemplifies that in a heartwarming way.

Doesn't this just make you miss your mom?

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