Ultrasound Footage Shows Identical Twins 'Boxing' Each Other In Their Mother's Womb

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April 17, 2019 15:09 By Mambee

Having twins bring twice the joy to their parents, but they can also bring twice the drama. And from the looks of things, these twin girls got started much earlier than anyone expected.

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In one video that's going viral in China, a set of twins were recorded 'fighting' each other while in their mother's womb. According to reports, the dad captured the moment while the mom was undergoing an ultrasound when she was about four months pregnant.

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Mr. Tao, the twins' dad, told The Paper that he had gone with his wife for the checkup and was amused when he saw his unborn daughters seemingly boxing with each other. He uploaded the video, which quickly went viral.

Tao said he was surprised by how popular it became, and it was quite unexpected that his girls would be such big stars even before they were born. 

The babies, who were nicknamed 'Cherry' and 'Strawberry', were eventually born on April 8 via C-section when the mom was 32 weeks pregnant.

It was quite fortunate that the birth ended well because earlier that day one of the twins' heart rate suddenly dropped and the doctors at the General Hospital of Ningxia Medical University had to perform the emergency surgery.

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How to help twins get along

Now that these little cuties are born, let's hope the boxing won't be an everyday thing. But having twins means you've signed up for a little bit of drama and arguments here and there.

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Are there ways to ensure your twins have a warm and loving relationship with each other? Sure. Here are a few things you can do to foster that:

  • Don't compare: Comparing twins can make them feel like they are competitors rather than siblings. Don't expect them to be alike and don't try to force a behavioral change by telling one to be like the other.
  • Encourage togetherness: Let your twins work and play together even if it's an activity you're not really into. If they show similar interest in something, give them opportunities to explore that. Having common interests is a good foundation for twin friendship.
  • Give equally: Treat them as equally as possible. Give each one the same level of love and attention. You shouldn't allow one twin to feel left out in favor of the other.

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Twins are so much fun to have around and, if you're a parent of multiples, stress can be a part of the ride. But you must also learn to enjoy the good times.

Learning fun crafts can be a cool part of parenting, too. Take this one with buttons, for example.

Will you be trying it?

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