Parents Share Important Warning After Their 2-Year-Old Son Catches Herpes From A 'Harmless' Kiss

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March 13, 2019 11:10 By Mambee

It's normal for adults to want to smother little children with lovable kisses. And while this is harmless in many cases, it can be dangerous, or even fatal sometimes. 

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A two-year-old boy had to be hospitalized recently and his parents have since spoken out about the scary experience.

When red spots started forming on Kalo Hoy's face, chest, and arm, his parents were understandably worried. His mother, Lorna, said they took the boy to the hospital at the time but doctors dismissed their fears. Twice.

It wasn't until their third visit that Kalo was tested and they detected herpes simplex virus. The doctors suggested that the boy may have caught the condition by kissing an infected adult.

It was reported that Kalo is now doing fine but, according to Lorna, they did not know exactly who could have passed the virus to the boy.

Now Lorna and the boy's father, Andy Griggs, are raising awareness about the virus and reminding parents to be careful when it comes to the people their children come in contact with.

How to protect children from catching herpes

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, oral herpes is caused by HSV-1 and can lead to cold sores or fever blisters on or around the mouth. 

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It's also possible that some carriers do not show symptoms at all. So how exactly can you protect young children? The UT Southwestern Medical Center offers the following tips:

  • If you develop sores or blisters during pregnancy, be sure to bring it up with your doctor. It could be nothing, but it could also be herpes. And finding out as early as possible will be helpful in protecting your child before and after they are born.
  • Look out for symptoms of herpes in a child, including difficulty breathing, loss of appetite and sores.
  • You must insist that everyone who wants to hold or touch your child must wash their hands first. 
  • Never allow anyone with a cold sore, or someone who had one recently, to hold or kiss your child.
  • If it's possible, avoid taking your baby to a crowded place for a few months after birth. Accidental touching by strangers could cause herpes infection.

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Herpes can be fatal, especially in newborns. So it's important for parents and other responsible adults to do their best to protect a young child.

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