'They Are Like Two Souls That Recognize Each Other': Baby Showed Pure Joy When She Met Her 104-Year-Old Great-Grandmother

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April 12, 2019 14:27 By Mambee

A little baby girl had an incredibly sweet connection with her great-grandmother. Though generations apart, the child's bond with the 104-year-old woman was so instantaneous that the baby's mom believed they must have been close in a past life.

Semira Forouzannia Luciani / Facebook

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Ella Luciana was six months old when she met her great-grandma for the first time. Usually, meeting new people only elicited a smirk or a small smile from the baby, but it was different when she met Tina Rose.

The child's parents, Semira and Justin, visited Michigan with Ella to introduce the baby to her great-grandma. What the mom didn't expect was Ella's reaction.

Semira Forouzannia Luciani / Facebook

Semira told PEOPLE that when Ella saw Rose, she started laughing and immediately wanted to get as close as possible to the elderly woman.

Elia was just cracking up and happy and trying to touch my grandma and snuggle up to her — and she doesn’t even do that to us!

In a video shared by the mom on Facebook, Ella could be seen with a big grin on her face as she leaned in to touch her great-grandmother's face. The baby laughed, giggled and cooed all the way as she kept on reaching for Rose. And this was not a one-time reaction, apparently.

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Semira said that, whenever the baby got upset, she would immediately stop fussing when she held Rose's hand. The mom said that it was like Ella and Rose knew each other in a past life.

They’re like two souls that recognize each other. It was like two friends seeing each other after a lifetime apart.

The happy feeling was mutual because according to Semira, Rose, who had turned 104 a day before the video was taken, was also happy to meet the little girl. 

My grandma was saying how [Elia] was so strong, saying she was so beautiful.

Semira said Rose was impressed with Ella's strength and the joy she radiated. The elderly woman was so thrilled about how the child kept trying to kiss her and get close to her. 

The mom was very glad that her daughter got to meet Rose and expressed the hope that the pair would continue to have that special bond for years to come. Semira described her grandma as an incredible person and said she would love it if Ella was just like her.

What a joyful family moment. It just goes to show that a true connection doesn't care about age differences. And this looks like such a beautiful memory for everyone to cherish.

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