Ways To Protect The Children: Mom Leaves Her 18-Month-Old At Home Alone So She Can Go Out Partying

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April 12, 2019 12:00 By Mambee

One has to wonder why anyone would have a child and not make that kid's safety and well-being a priority. It's quite heartbreaking that some of the perpetrators of child abuse are the parents themselves.

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According to Child Help, about 80% of child maltreatment fatalities involve at least one parent as the abuser. This means that many children are not safe, even in the hands of their parents. And this story proves just that.

Leaving a baby behind

One mom felt like it was more important to go partying than to stay home with her toddler. According to reports, the 18-month-old child was basically left to his own devices for 15 hours.

By the time the child was eventually found by social workers, he was heavily soiled.

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The mom, whose name was not revealed for legal reasons, was the sole caretaker of the child after a care order was made following a violent relationship with the child's father.

She was supposed to have an appointment with social workers so, when she did not show up, they went to her address. In order to enter the property, they had to contact the landlord. Then, they got access and found the child asleep in his cot.

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Upon further investigations, it turned out that the woman went out with her friends and her former partner, leaving the boy at home alone.

How can you help a child that's being abused?

To help any child that's being neglected or abused, you have to be able to spot the signs. If you notice these indicators, you should contact the nearest child service agency or call emergency services if the child is in immediate harm.

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  • Physical abuse: Some of the signs that a child is being physically abused include bruises and other injuries on their body, burns or medical issues that go untreated. The child may also be afraid to go home, be withdrawn or avoid any physical touch.
  • Sexual abuse: Signs that a child could be experiencing sexual abuse include torn or stained underwear, pain or itching around the genitals, and sexual knowledge that the child shouldn't know at their age.
  • Emotional abuse: A child may be a victim of emotional abuse if you notice that they have speech problems, depression, academic problems, or they show little to no interest in friends or other activities.
  • Child neglect: Signs of a neglected child include the fact that they constantly look dirty, are left on their own, miss several school days and show poor weight gain.

When children are being harmed by their parents, it could be up to an outsider to help. So if you work with kids or are around them, be sure to look out for danger signs.

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Read here for more information about child abuse.

Love and understanding are important for any family. Learn more on what that might mean in this touching video.

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