How To Protect School Children: Mom Was Devastated After Kindergarten Teacher Mistreated Her 6-Year-Old Son

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April 17, 2019 16:37 By Mambee

There are many kinds of child abuse out there but, regardless of the type, the situation is really heartbreaking. The idea that adults who should care for children are the ones hurting them is a true tragedy.

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In the US, statistics show that nearly 900,000 children become victims of abuse or neglect every year. And based on stories like this, some of these cases can take place in schools.

A teacher's assault

One El Paso mother has expressed her anger after discovering that her son's teacher had been abusive towards the boy. 

Priscilla Alvarado told KTSM that her 6-year-old son, Matthew, was a victim of physical and mental abuse at the hands of his kindergarten teacher.

She would cut his hair, she would hit him in the head.

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The mom said that, at some point, Matthew became terrified of going to school. She claimed that the abuse went on for about five months until she eventually took him out of the school.

Matthew himself said of his experience;

I (felt) sad... She kicked me.

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Priscilla couldn't imagine what must have made the teacher act in such a way and wondered if they lacked patience or were angry at the boy for some reason. The mom hoped that sharing her story would inspire other parents going through similar ordeals to speak out.

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How to protect children from abuse in schools

It's important that you know your child's school policy in terms of how they prevent and handle issues relating to child abuse. Here are some things to look out for:

  • Background check: Make sure that your child's school conducts background checks on all staff before they are allowed to work with children.
  • Necessary procedures: Ask the school to explain its policy in terms of the procedures to be followed if a teacher is accused of harming a child. You should know if there are repercussions and clear rules that might prevent teachers from taking advantage of students.
  • Exploring topics: Schools should also do their part in teaching children about behaviors that are considered inappropriate for teachers. This lets the kid know when something is over the line and increases the chances that they will speak up on time.

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As a parent, you should also be able to recognize these signs of child abuse and take action.

While protecting your child from abuse at home is important, you should also ensure the school does its part by asking the right questions.

Interactions with kids should be fun and positive, like in this video.

So wholesome and heartwarming, right?

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