Meet The Bumpaholics: These Surrogates Are Addicted To Being Pregnant But They Have No Wish To Keep The Babies

May 13, 2019

For many women, one of the most exciting things about being pregnant is getting to meet their baby at the end of the journey and then being able to experience the joys of motherhood. But not all women have this desire. In the case of these 'bumpaholics,' the pregnancy journey is the part that most appeals to them.

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Just like addicts, bumpaholics feel compelled to get pregnant and have babies, but many of them really don't feel the need to keep them.

Psychiatrist Carole Lieberman told TODAY that some of these women obsessed with being pregnant could be filling an emptiness in them:

Every one of us at some point encounters this void. You want to have a purpose in this world. You want to feel less lonely.

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While this is an interesting theory, one cannot really say for sure what motivates these women, and their lifestyle choices are quite interesting. One example is a surrogate named Annie Peverelle who told the UK Sun that experiencing pregnancy sensations gave her a high that she didn't get from anything else.

40-year-old Annie has already become a surrogate four times despite not being a mom herself. Her main reason for going through pregnancy over and over again was the rewarding feeling she got when she helped couples who had problems with procreating.

I loved the idea of helping a couple to have a child when they couldn’t do it themselves. That was my end goal.

While Annie didn't mind carrying babies, she had no plans to be a mother. So it seemed perfect that she had a partner who already had older children and wasn't keen on being a dad again.

Annie was also lucky that pregnancy was easy for her. She said she didn't experience bad symptoms and simply loved the feeling of a baby growing inside her.

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Another surrogate, Sarah Holder, also said the joy of making a couple's dream come true was what inspired her to make the choice to help them have their babies. As a teenager, she witnessed her sister struggling to get pregnant and felt a desire to help people like her.

As for what happened after the baby was born, Holder explained that:

I didn’t feel attached to the baby at all throughout the pregnancy but I liked the feeling of him moving around inside me.

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She loved seeing the joy in the parents' faces and was glad to be the one to help them create a family.

While these women's choices may seem unconventional, they are quite happy with what they do. And we can see how wonderfully rewarding it can be to help struggling couples build the family of their dreams.

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