“I Wish I Could Put Her Into Care:” Mother Confesses She Dislikes Her Daughter Who Is “Troublesome And Lying” Teenager

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April 12, 2019 16:18 By Mambee

Motherhood is expected to be a beautiful and rewarding journey. Sure, there might be tough times but the overall idea is that happy families remain unconditionally loving and devoted to each other.

Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. There are certain parenting phases that can be difficult and the intensity of these challenges varies. And this mom is having a particularly hard time of it.

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A user on MumsNet, Harveys4557, shared how tough things had gotten with her teenage daughter. The poster said she disliked her 14-year-old daughter, who she described as a "lying, deceitful and troublemaking" child.

She explained that while growing up the girl was quite lovely and polite, but as she became a teenager, things changed. 

She is the second child and has 3 brothers who are 16, 12 and 10. Every chance she gets she tries to get them into trouble or bring them into a situation when she is being told off.

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The mom said they had a close and stable family but her daughter would often set herself apart from the rest of them. The teenager would cause arguments among everyone while accusing her family of picking on her. The frustrated mother also said she tried everything possible to include her in activities and spend some mother-daughter time together, but it didn't work.

She acts sullen and barely speaks to me. She has little or no respect for anyone in the family.

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Whenever she got told off for doing something wrong, the daughter would lash out in return. It got so bad that the mom became scared to greet her in the mornings as she didn't know what mood the teen would be in.

The poster also said her daughter easily got angry, even at the most innocent questions. No matter what the mother did to make her happy, it didn't work.

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Many people responded to the mother's post and offered advice. In general, they asked her to be patient as teenagers can be tough to deal with sometimes due to hormones and their changing bodies.

One user, AGirlinLondon, shared her own personal experience about how horrid she was to her mom when she was a teen.

I was much the same as your daughter between the ages of about 14 and 18.  I horribly, HORRIBLY regret how badly I treated my mum. It was inexcusable and I cringe at it now... Not much consolation but I have children of my own now and my mum and I are very close.

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Motherhood won't always be a walk in the park and there may be hard times, but this woman and her daughter will hopefully be able to rebuild their bond.

A mother-child relationship isn't always perfect. And this video tells a beautiful story of how it can sometimes be complicated.

Hope you learned a thing or two from it.

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