What Can Be Done To Help Struggling Parents? Baby Left In Trash Can In A Park Was Rescued By Good Samaritans

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May 14, 2019 16:52 By Mambee

The idea of an innocent, defenseless baby being tossed aside like a piece of trash is horrifying. Unfortunately, this happens a lot more often than many of us care to accept.

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It has been estimated that between 1999 and 2018, about 4015 babies have been relinquished under the Safe Haven Law.

Baby rescued just in time

In a sad turn of events, a newborn was left on top of a garbage can in Chicago. The child still had its umbilical cord attached. According to ABC7Chicago, two women were walking near Humboldt Park when they heard the sound of the baby crying.

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Officials reported that the baby must have been an hour or two old when he was discovered in a shopping bag by the women. The kind Samaritans carried the baby and took him to a nearby fire station.

It was reported that the newborn was cold and unresponsive when he arrived and he had no pulse. So fire officials had to warm him up with heating pads and blankets after which they took him to the nearest hospital.

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While the child was being transported to the hospital, firefighters performed CPR on him and tried to get him to breathe with the help of a ventilator. Thankfully, the newborn was beginning to slowly respond as they arrived.

The baby's health stabilized at the hospital. The fire officials expressed their sympathy to the mother and urged others in similar situations to call for help first rather than do something as drastic as dumping a baby.

How to help struggling parents

While it seems inconceivable that a mother would throw her child away, it's obviously not impossible. In many cases, this is done by mothers who feel stuck, scared and think they have no other choice. It's possible they might have some financial constraint or lack of support, which can make them become desperate.

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So, how can the government or health officials help parents in situations like this? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Offering social assistance to pregnant women or parents, especially those who might be facing financial troubles;
  • Setting up mother-baby support groups so these parents can get continued encouragement;
  • Counseling services for moms and/or families having difficulties;
  • Financial support and donations;
  • Setting up helplines for parents who are struggling.

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You can also help by encouraging mothers or pregnant women to take advantage of these services if they are available in your area.

A child's wellbeing is a societal responsibility. Don't turn your back when you sense trouble. You might end up saving a life.

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