Bodybuilder Bride Tries On A Wedding Dress For The First Time, And Her Groom’s Unexpected Reaction Shows Why They Are Meant For Each Other

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May 17, 2019 15:05 By Mambee

A wedding is a celebration of love and one of the most significant events in a person’s life. If there is one thing that’s more important than the ceremony, it’s choosing a wedding dress for the bride.

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Wife-to-be Melissa Pearo, a participant of the show “Say Yes To The Dress”, had a hard time making a decision on her wedding gown. The woman is a famous bodybuilder, Olympia Competitor and a fitness model, who wanted to accentuate her physical form, yet be feminine and tender on her most special day.

She went on the show with her future husband because his opinion mattered to her. But she could never have expected his reaction when he saw her in the wedding gown to be what it was!

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After trying on two options, she understood they were not impressive enough. So there was just one last outfit to try. When Pearo showed up in the tight snow-white dress with a low back cut, her groom could not but stare at her with admiration.

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You really make me speechless.

The next moment, he had tears in his eyes.

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He added:

My jaw dropped, my eyes got huge, I am sure. It’s just pure beauty!

Say Yes to the Dress / YouTube

Now we see why this couple is meant to be together. The way he was looking at his future wife showed a lot! Melissa Pearo is a confident woman who possesses strong and tender sides at the same time. There is no doubt  that the silent admiration in her man’s eyes will fuel her self-confidence even more.

No matter whether you have a muscular, thin body or plump figure, all that matters is the way your beloved person sees you. True beauty always comes from the heart!

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