"I Feel Like A Mother-Wolf": Woman Fights For Adoption Of 4 Boys, Her Nephews, Who Are Severely Neglected By Their Heavy-Drinking Parents

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April 11, 2019 16:40 By Mambee

Having a large family has always been her dream! However, year after year, this woman struggled with miscarriages and the loss of her children. Life had another plan for her, though.

Tatyana Zyryanova, from Russia, shared her emotional, tear-jerking story of the adoption of four boys on Facebook. Her confession and pain due to going through strenuous bureaucracy, lack of financial support and terrible emotional exhaustion can’t leave anyone indifferent.

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Tatyana's brother, an alcoholic, was sent to jail. His girlfriend, pregnant at that time and with two kids already, ended up in the streets. Despite her own severe addiction, she gave birth to twins but didn’t want to care about them after all.

The conditions those four boys were living in were terrible, considering their mother's constant hangover and unwillingness to provide for the family. When boys got sick, they were taken to the hospital, and their mom never visited.

Tatyana was in pain watching that terrible neglect. That’s when she made a hard choice – to adopt all four. She has two daughters and a husband, and they all live in a one-bedroom apartment.

But this didn’t stop them from making that decision. With the help of volunteers, family and friends, Tatyana and her husband are fighting the child service organizations who make the adoption process too hard.

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The woman says:

Am I afraid to take other people's children? It's too late to be afraid. I am afraid that child protection services won’t give them to us, that we won’t fit in, or something will go wrong. I feel like a mother-wolf, who wrests the children from the system with her teeth.

Welcoming someone else’s children to one's family and giving them protection and love deserves the highest praise. The sacrifice is huge, but it’s noble and rewarding.

Neglect is the most common form of abuse, and its consequences are horrifying. Three-quarters of children who suffer from maltreatment were severely neglected. That meant, their families failed meeting their basic needs: nutrition, clothes, health care, safety, supervision.

Those are just facts, and they do not tell the whole story, which is filled with oceans of tears, traumas, and grief. Tatyana Zyryanova is one of those people who isn’t afraid to take responsibility and make this world a better place.

Having children is the biggest gift in life. It is essential to give them the happiest childhood. Here is one more powerful story to prove that.


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