Dad Says Father-Daughter Dances Are Too Sensual And Inappropriate: He Would Not Take His Girl To Such An Event

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April 17, 2019 18:34 By Mambee

Parenting is a strenuous path through thorns to the stars. Only when you put all you have soul into this mission, will you get the biggest reward. But it’s sad when mom and dad share different views on some issues.

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One father took it to social media to seek support with what he experiences. He shared his opinion of father-daughter dances, which seem too sensual to him.

They are creepy and sexualize the relationship between daughter and father. 

The whole thing just grosses me out and makes my skin crawl. I love my daughter with all my heart, but I don't want to date her.

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He saw the poster with a dad and his girl dancing on Valentine ’s Day. The hearts were all over it, suggesting a date-like situation. But when the man told his wife about it, she could not handle it. Apparently, she started crying because her husband would refuse the opportunity to bond with their child.

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Her own father-daughter bonding experience wasn’t the best, as her father never gave her the proper attention. That could be the reason for her being too sensitive about the matter.

It makes sense now why that dad thought he was a bad guy. For now, though, their girl is only 2 years old and these problems are hypothetical.

I feel like a lot of people here think I believe these things are bad because I think dancing with my daughter is sexual. That's not true. I dance with her now. I'm affectionate. I hug and kiss her. I nap and cuddle with her. It's my favourite thing in the world. 

However, the man thinks those cuddling and dancing do not look so appropriate when the girl reaches 12.

In a family, it often happens that we blame ourselves for being wrong or bad for sharing a different opinion from the common rule. Reddit users were split in their views, too.



What do you think? Is there a kind of affectionate behaviour with a child that is inappropriate and too sensual? Share your opinion in comments.

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