The Math Problem Might Be Hard To Tackle, But Definitely Worth Trying

Date August 2, 2019 17:42

Are you a fan of math problems? If math was one of your favorite subjects at school, then you might definitely like this one!

It may look simple, but try to take your time and don’t rush. Some of the most difficult math problems are the ones that seem simple at first glance but by the time you dive in, you realize just how much brain power goes into solving it.

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Try to solve it in the shortest period of time. Are you ready to check your math abilities and intuition? It is recommended to think twice before coming up with the final answer.

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If your answer is 6, then you're correct. According to the rule of PEDMAS, you solve the division before the addition. When you do that, you get 3 + 3 and that's how you arrive at your answer.

Did you manage to solve it correctly?

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