Sister-In-Law's Intrigues Make Husband Offend His Wife's New Skirt After She Lost Weight

May 13, 2019

With celebrity moms boasting their fast weight-loss after pregnancy in the media, numerous women can feel pressured to snap right back to their pre-pregnancy forms. Achieving a healthy weight, however, might not be as easy for many of us. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill for postpartum weight loss.

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Thus, it's essential to understand that recovering from childbirth can be stressful and challenging but still possible. Remember that you are not alone in your fight against postpartum weight gain. So, consider these simple rules before slipping into your old jeans: 

  • Work out with your baby;
  • Prioritize sleep;
  • Concentrate on eating healthy food.

The chief advice is to feel comfortable in your own body. You simply can't please everyone, right?

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The situation that happened to one mum illustrates this simple wisdom perfectly. Taking cognizance of the problems with nutrition and exercising she encountered after giving birth to her 3rd child, the woman decided to change her life. It took her almost two years of persistent work to finally find herself in the body of her dreams and drop five sizes.

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Imagine her surprise when her sister-in-law and her husband castigated the skirt she bought for her 30th birthday. The reason for this unexpected reaction is that her sister-in-law, who failed in losing weight after giving birth to her 4 children, was feeling envious. The husband's sister refused to attend her birthday party if her skinnier relative would wear that black leather skirt.

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Moreover, the husband of this unidentified woman also supported his sister, asking his wife to change her mind and put on something less impressive. Instead of feeling proud and happy for his wife's achievement, he condemned her for "showing off."

"He says I can wear it next time and thinks I should spare my sister-in-law's feelings because I know how it feels to be overweight."

The unnamed woman shared her experience on the Internet to ask people for their opinion on the situation. Most users supported her and told her to definitely wear that skirt for her birthday. One person said:

"That's totally out of order, both your friend and your husband. Your man should be proud of you and happy you're feeling good about yourself now! She is not being a very nice friend either."

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Even though all people have their own reasons for being rude, it's always a good decision to stay calm and not take the words personally. We always have a choice on how to react, so treat their rudeness as their problem, not yours! 

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