8-Year-Old "Hero" Wins The Fight Against An Abductor And Pulls His Sister From A Moving Car

May 15, 2019

Many countries have to deal constantly with kidnapping, a global problem that refers to the abduction and captivity of a person. Although kidnapping rates held by the US government are not released publicly, the approximate number of kidnappings overseas is around 200-300 Americans each year. There are many reasons that provoke kidnapping, including poverty, religion, political issues, and unemployment.

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One family in Ohio face a situation that set the Internet on fire. On a Thursday, 69-year-old Nita Coburn briefly parked in front of the hospital entrance to help her relative to get inside.

Unfortunately, the older woman forgot to lock the car doors. In about 10 seconds after leaving the car, she heard her great-grandchildren scream inside the car.

“I started hearing the kids screaming and I ran to them, ... All I could see was my great-grandbabies in the back seat. Every time I think about it, I want to cry.” /

24-year-old Dalvir Singh, a heroin addict, jumped into the white sedan and started to speed off. Skylar Weaver, 10, and her 8-year-old brother, Chance Blue, were alone in the vehicle with the kidnapper. The young 8-year-old hero managed to open the rear door. 

The driver, however, was holding tightly to Skylar’s hooded sweatshirt, not allowing her to escape. She said that: 

"My brother fell out, but the guy pulled me back in the car."

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Unwilling to abandon his sister, the boy continued to pull and eventually yanked his sister out of the car. Luckily, both kids escaped and, today, Chance is being hailed as a hero. The police chief said:

“This little guy is a hero. No question. He pulled his sister out of the car with no concern for his own safety. That is incredible at his age.”

Dalvir Singh, who was under the influence of heroin, was arrested on charges of kidnapping and felonious assault. 

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To prevent being kidnapped, always secure your home and car. Find alternative routes when walking or simply driving from home to work and back. Teach your children to avoid strangers and arm yourself with defense weapons.

Keep safe and protect your family. Life is the most precious thing you have. 

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