Neighbour Calls Police To Shut Down This Illegal Slip’N Slide, But Things Don’t Go As Planned

August 8, 2018

4th of July celebrations do not the States just happy, but "slip-and-slide" happy. This story about some cops, who don’t mind having fun, will make your day.

Travis Eagledove/YouTube

People from Asheville, North Carolina, decided they would celebrate Independence Day with a enjoyable slip’n slide. Residents had a block party where everyone could have fun. Apparently, not all of them were in the mood that morning. Someone pointed out that the slide blocked traffic and made too much noise. After receiving a call, Asheville police officers quickly arrived at the scene. 

After figuring out that the fun didn't violate any public regulations, the officers didn’t miss the brilliant opportunity to celebrate 4th of July as well. Later on, the video of sliding cops was posted on YouTube. 

 Kat Smith/YouTube

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Katlen Joyce Smith, a resident of the city, couldn't believe that senior officer Carrie Lee would go for it until she asked for a garbage bag. After taking off her radio, Carrie Lee jumped in. 

For the second officer, Joe Jones, it wasn’t as easy. One kid had to find a raft that fitted better and made officer Jones slide with comfort. 

Kat Smith/YouTube

Another Asheville resident, Travis Eagledove, said that the event was full of joy and kids were bursting with laughter. The incident granted fun loving officers not only with a splendid celebration of Independence Day, but they also gained a lot of popularity on the news and social networks as well. 

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Officers Jones and Lee have gone viral. They were live on Morning Dose, a morning TV show. The public reaction to the incident is nothing but splendid. 

Officer Joe Jones was even heard saying ‘my butt got wet’ out loud on the video, which certainly succeed in causing some more laughter.

Residents of Asheville believe the cops have done a lot to benefit public relations with this gesture. They have shown that cops are fun-loving human beings, just like all the rest of us. 

Thank you for the sliding service, officers.