A Fun Puzzle To Test Your Attention To Details: Can You Tell Who Among This Women Came Back From A Date?

May 13, 2019

Several puzzle games cater to various needs. While some test your ability to think critically, others check your knack for details. Luckily, the puzzle task we have for you is one of the latter!

Here is an image of three women. One is happily talking on the phone, one is painting her lips, and the last woman looks homeless. Can you tell which of them just came back from a date by just looking at the photo?

Although you might need to think critically, the answer primarily lies in your ability to pay attention to details. It might prove impossible at first glance, but if you’re observant, then it’ll be a piece of cake!

However, if you aren’t an observant person, then don’t beat yourself up. This skill can be developed by solving this kind of puzzles regularly. They help train your mind to focus better.

Now to the image above, all the women could be coming back from a date, but a clue in the photo differentiates one from the others.

If you look closely at the woman that looks homeless, you will notice there is a flower on her. Although her looks don't say she is coming from a date, the flower suggests otherwise. Her lover most likely gifted it to her during their date!

Did you get it correctly? If yes, awesome!

If no, keep solving riddles to train your mind. Sometimes the answers lie in the minute details!

Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family to see if they can guess the right answer!

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