“Marry Me, Will You?” 82-Year-Old Man Proposes Once Again To His Wife Of 63 Years, And It Is Just So Sweet


March 12, 2019 13:48 By Mambee

Marriage, as some people believe, is a venture that is doomed to fail nowadays. However, some couples get it right and the secret is not any far-fetched concept.

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The most important thing in marriage is that both parties strive towards happiness as a team and are always there for each other. It is also quite necessary to able to change an attitude or mindset for the good of the relationship.

Lastly, for a marriage to succeed, it is quite crucial to communicate and understand that feelings will always fluctuate, but love and the vows shared at the altar will never change.

A crisis does not mean the end of a marriage, and this elderly couple displayed that bravely.

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Karl and Donna’s love story

Karl and Donna Von Schwarz were high school sweethearts, and they got married in 1956. They have been inseparable ever since.

The couple, who reside in Youngstown, Ohio, have never even left the street they grew up in, and Karl is now 82-years-old while Donna is 85-years-old. Their love story is one which warms hearts and inspires couples to strive harder to make their relationships work.

The couple's granddaughter, Christina Von Schwarz, is responsible for bringing her grandparents' story to the limelight.

Christina really loves her grandparents and checks up on them as often as possible but she lately feels like each goodbye may be their last.

This is because Donna has been sick. Between May 2018 and February 2019, Donna has had open heart surgery, several strokes, and a brain bleed.

She now uses a wheelchair and cannot move more than a few parts of her body. However, her struggles didn’t stop her and Karl’s love from going stronger.

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Before her heart surgery, Karl promised Donna that if she made it out alive, he would get her a new engagement ring.

Luckily, Donna made it through the surgery and, when she was strong enough to go home, she held her husband to his promise.

Karl wheeled his wife to a JC Penney and let her pick out a new engagement ring and then his family urged him to make it official. And so there and then, Karl went down on one knee and proposed to his wife again!

Christina posted pictures and videos of the endearing moment on Twitter, and it went viral. It has received more than 25,000 likes within days.

Speaking about his proposal, Karl said:

“It was great because it's a gal that I've loved all of my life. It was very easy. You know we've been together so long that we can't stay apart really.”

People loved the story

In response to a post about the couple's story on Facebook, many users put in their two cents.

Another user, Joanne Verger, wrote:

Karl and Donna have such an amazing and adorable story, and we wish them many more years together.

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