These Are The 7 Things Senior People Regret The Most

April 17, 2019

Family is the biggest treasure of all! That is why it is so important to appreciate each other. Here is one more powerful story to prove that.


Life is filled with ups and downs; that’s just the way it is. While many motivational quotes are filled with phrases like “live life with no regrets,” it’s not always as easy as it sounds. It then brings to mind the question, why do people have regrets?

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It’s simple! We all have regrets because we worry that the choices we made could have been better.

Disappointment stems from the fact that those decisions were made in the past and that they cannot be changed.

We also find it difficult to stop thinking of our regrets because it conflicts our self-identity. Whenever we make a wrong choice, it attacks our perceived self-identity, and we can’t stop thinking of this offense.

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It’s why senior people often tell their loved ones the things they wished they had or hadn’t done. Medium writer Lydia Sohn interviewed several adults in their 90s and asked them about their regrets and here were their answers:

1. I wish I said I love you more

Many of them wished they were more loving to their family and close friends. They wished they had said ‘I love you’ more and cared for them.

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2. I wish I was a better person to my loved ones

Some wished they had been better spouses to their partners, better parents to their kids or even better children to their parents. They regretted that they focused more on their family’s flaws rather than they appreciated them.

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3. I wish I didn't spend so much time working

Many regretted spending so much time working hard instead of being with the ones they loved. Despite being able to pay the bills, it didn’t make up for the crucial moments they missed in the lives of their loved ones.

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4. I wish I was more adventurous

Many senior folks wished they hadn’t played it safe because of fear of failure. A particular senior man regretted staying in his comfort zone for his entire life and decided to do something adventurous.

He jumped from an airplane at an altitude of 15,500 and confessed that the exhilaration he felt was greater than anything he had ever done.

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5. I wish I had done more for others

Countless interviewees wished they had given more of themselves to others rather than thinking of only their own needs.

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6. I wish I paid more attention to my health

Most seniors who were battling an illness wished they had paid more attention to their health. They regretted not sleeping well, eating right or exercising.

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7. I wish I had chosen to be happy

Finally, many people regretted worrying about the things they couldn’t control. They wished they had realized earlier that they had the choice of being happy despite what life throws at you.

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Begin to live purposefully

These experiences shared by senior people might have you rethinking your decisions. You might begin to wonder how to live a life you enjoy. Well, here are tips to help:

1. Focus your energy and thoughts on the things you want. Choose to become a master of your dreams.

2. Choose to live beyond your senses and emotions. Begin to live life from the inside out.

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3. Take control of your thoughts and feelings. Live above them!

Life is truly for the living! It’s up to us to make the decisions that make us fulfilled.

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