The Land Of Twins: Town In Southwest Region Of Nigeria That Has An Abnormally High Rate Of Twins Becomes A Mystery To The World


April 15, 2019 15:21 By Mambee

Every village prides itself on the distinctive personalities that its occupants share, contrary to the outside world.  For Igbo Ora, a part of the Yoruba ethnic group in Nigeria, the villagers are recognized for their large reproduction of twins.

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The town is commonly called the ‘twins capital of the world’ because of their high rate of twins, which beats other places around the world.

The last concluded research on the village was carried out by a British gynecologist in the 1970s and it revealed that an average of 50 out of every 1000 births recorded in the town were sets of twins.

As a part of the Yoruba culture, the first and second children from a set of twins are fondly called Taiwo and Kehinde, respectively.

The people of Igbo Ora firmly believe that the logic behind their high rate of twins is a result of their food. They consume a lot of yam and okra in Igbo Ora, and they presume that is why they have so many twins.

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Although scientists argued that the anomaly is hereditary, it is undeniable that yams act as a catalyst for the production of gonadotropins; a chemical agent that aids the production of eggs.

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They also use yams to make a variety of dishes. Nonetheless, an obstetrician-gynecologist, Ekujumi Olarenwaju, says that the same yam is consumed in other parts of the world, but they don't hold the same or close record or Igbo Ora.

Another tradition to consider is the consumption of a particular leaf. In an interview at the village, one of the occupants, 15-year-old Kehinde Oyedepo, pointed out another possible reason. She said:

"There are so many twins because of the okra leaf that we eat.”

Another resident, Oyenike Bamimore, claims that she has eight sets of twins because of how judiciously she eats the okra leaf.

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Igbo Ora is indeed a unique town, and their unity is undeniable as they all shared the same myth regarding their lives.

While science hasn’t confirmed the reason behind the abnormally high rate of multiple births in this town, it’s mind-blowing to discover that such phenomena exist.

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