"I Don't Know Why People Don't Like It." Impaired Man Is Happy With His New Pink House, But His Neighbors Don't Approve Despite There Being No Law Against It


April 12, 2019 16:56 By Mambee

In a situation where you decide to ignore the world's opinions and just be you, there will be inevitable bickering. 

Emilio Rodriguez is currently in such a situation, as the young man, who just bought a house for himself, had every part of the building painted bright pink.

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Many of his neighbors are not happy about his decision, even though there is no law that forbids it. Before painting the house, he had done comprehensive research to avoid conflicts like this.

During an interview with CBS Austin, Emilio said:

"I pre-planned this specifically because of that reason, so when people get mad, I explain there is no HOA here.”

CBS Austin / Facebook

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Emilio began the pink-paint job of the house from the back, and later finished up the front and the roof.

Since Emilio bought the house, in November, his neighbors have complained bitterly and some want to sue him.

The young man is physically impaired due to an accident he was involved in when he was four years old, and even several surgeries couldn't save him from a life in the wheelchair.

Since then, the color pink has been a sort of haven for him; the vibrant color brightens his mood every time. Despite the fact that Emilio is doing this to make himself happy, people refuse to understand his plight.

However, a neighbor, who goes by the name Emanual Alvarado, appreciates the weirdness of a pink house. Alvarado commented:

"This is definitely adding a twist to the neighborhood."

Emilio remains undaunted by their criticism, and he is even more determined to continue with his quest.

CBS Austin / Facebook

We commend the man for his courage in the face of all these challenges. Life would be better if people let others do what makes them happy, as long as they are not hurting anyone.

The saying, ‘live and let live’ would really be useful in Emilio’s neighborhood.

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