Fascinating: Man Discovers Pearl Believed To Be The Largest In The World And Keeps It For A Decade As Good Luck Charm


March 12, 2019 17:21 By Mambee

Pearls are incredibly rare. If they weigh 34kg then that is rarer than rare! In this post, we will share the fascinating story of one man’s discovery that has broken a world record.

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What you didn’t know about pearls

Pearls are the only precious stones created by living organisms and it is a very interesting process.

They are formed as part of a defence mechanism; the shelled mollusk or conulariid usually secrete calcium into a pearl sac to seal off irritations or parasites.

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The process is repeated until a pearl is produced. These rare gems are found in about 1 in every 10,000 wild oysters.

Pearls have been esteemed as precious objects for a long time, dating back to 2300 BCE, in Mesopotamia.

Finding them comes with high risks, and divers who go searching for them face a 50% mortality rate. These days, more stringent safety measures are encouraged.

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Amusingly, pearl oysters are born male then transform into females around age 3. However, the star pearl in this post was created by a giant clam, a much rarer find.

Lucky charm turns national treasure

In 2016, a report of a man who discovered a huge pearl from giant clam made waves.

The fisherman from Puerto Princesa, in the Philippines, found it in Palawan waters when his anchor got stuck. Swimming down to retrieve it, he came upon the beauty and hauled it back to shore.

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Not knowing that the 34kg find, estimated to be worth about $100 million, was so valuable, he kept it under his bed as a good luck charm for a decade.

However, when his shack was burned down, his lucky charm was too heavy to carry around so he entrusted it to his aunt, Aileen Cynthia Amurao, who happens to be a local government tourism officer.

While awaiting authentication from the Gemologist Institute and other relevant bodies, the massive pearl was put on display at an atrium in New Green City Hall, Puerto Princesa.

It is worthy of note that the last record holder was a 6.4kg pearl found in the same waters.


Following a post on Facebook about the discovery and how all recorded giant pearls come from Palawan Waters, commenters expressed their shock.

We wonder what the unnamed fisherman would have done if he had found out earlier how valuable the pearl was. What would you do if it were you?

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