'It Makes Me Excited.' 11-Year-Old Girl Is Grateful To School Bus Driver Who Braids Her Hair Every Morning Since Her Mom Passed Away


March 14, 2019 13:46 By Mambee

11-year-old Isabella Pieri now has something bright to look forward to every morning thanks to her kind-hearted school bus driver.

Even though she was already capable of getting dressed for school and getting there on her own, there was still one area that she needed help with: her hair.

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Her father often left for work very early and, sadly, her mother had passed away due to a rare illness. Isabella's dad, Philip, told KSLTV that he had taught her to be mostly self-sufficient but when it came to her hair, it was something he struggled with. 

For a long time, Isabella would only brush her hair up into a ponytail and head for school.

One day, as she was getting off the bus, she noticed the driver, Tracy Dean, fixing a classmate's braid. Isabella then summoned the courage to ask Tracy if she could do her hair.

The bus driver happily agreed and, from then on, she started fixing Isabella's hair every morning.

Tracy, who survived breast cancer, completely understood where Isabella was coming from. She said that, at the time she was battling the disease, she was constantly worried about who would take care of her children.

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As for Isabella, having Tracy do her hair every day has become something she looks forward to.

It makes me excited for the next day to see what she does

Philip was also thankful to Tracy for what she did. 

Tracy didn’t have to step up, but she stepped up to help out, I was amazed.

Philip and his daughter are not the only ones who have great things to say about Tracy's actions. Social media is quite happy with this kind woman. Many people commented about what a great thing she was doing for a little girl who needed support. 

Truly, Tracy Dean has gone above and beyond to put a smile on the face of a young girl. She deserves to be commended for her kindness. Bravo, Tracy!

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