Can You Say How Many Children Does This Dad Have?

May 16, 2019

Everyone loves solving puzzles! No wonder: not only is it a great way to relax and distract from a tiresome routine, but it also sharpens memory and improves logical thinking drastically!

What about finding an answer to this tricky question?

Here is today’s challenge for you!

There is a dad in the picture, comfortably sitting in the middle of the room. We can see the total mess of toys around him, and probably any parent can recognize themselves in this situation.

The question is: How many children does he have?

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You may get the clue by looking closely at the things in the room. Time to concentrate and think logically.

What do you see?

One more challenge is to cope with the task within 10 seconds. Can you handle it?

This task may show how attentive you are. Ready to find out the right answer?

We can recognize 2 pairs of kids’ shoes in the room. However, there is also a baby in the family has – it’s clear from the baby bottle the dad is holding in his hands!

He has 3 children.

Could you figure this out fast enough?

Making a habit of solving riddles, puzzles and other logic tasks will benefit your brain and train it, just as you train your muscles in the gym! Have fun!

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