Each Woman Claims She Is The Owner Of The House. Who Is Telling The Truth?

April 19, 2019

As children, we often dream of becoming detectives and solving the trickiest cases. But this challenging profession requires certain skills. Logical thinking, a high level of attention and observance is among them.

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Here is a case to try your hands at and find a solution to the problem. There are two women in the house, and each of them claims she is the owner.

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Have a look at them. Who is telling the truth?

Whose house is this?

Being observant means noticing little details, and receiving additional information from them. It includes the ability to read people, find the cause and the consequence, and think critically, weighing the arguments.

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Those are the traits of true detectives. Can you be one of them?

Do you know the answer to this question? Who is the owner of the house?

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The woman on the left is telling the truth. The portrait on the wall reveals that a person living here has a cat. The woman on the right, on the contrary, is having a dog.

Did you get it fast?

There are ways to help you improve your level of attention. It takes time and patience to force yourself to concentrate and ditch distractions. On top of that, healthy eating habits and a proper amount of sleep can help you maintain a high level of energy during the day, which helps to focus.

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Did you enjoy the attention puzzle? We are happy to provide useful workouts for your brain and boost your creativity to the max!

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